The Rosy Deer

Preorder Guidelines

I love crafting gradients and I especially love having preorders decide the direction my fabrics will take. Its a wonderful, interpersonal, creative collab and my favourite way to organize my craft.

So! What should we make together!

Each collection consists of 45 meters of warp.

A preorder to a collection includes your choice of project as well as which colour and fiber is woven into the gradient design. Weft can change the warp gradient subtly or sometimes quite dramatically. There are no wrong choices; but, if you're lost in all the colours available to you, I always recommend going with a colour you love wearing on its own (regardless of the gradient colours). Can't go wrong that way.

Preorders open when next warp's inspiration photo is released.

For preorders, I take down your name and project order. No deposit is necessary. Once the warp is on the back beam I will contact you to discuss weft fibre and colour options! For me, it is so much fun seeing all the weft options -- I love giving everyone creative control. The fabrics in the collection come out so differently that way.

This booking process does not guarantee space on the warp. Yardage is subject to availability change without notice. Sometimes my yardage math is a bit off and I am left without enough warp to finish. It can be difficult to measure out all the projects with precision as different fibres react differently to wet finishing.

No special consideration will be given if space becomes unavailable. Preorders are considered waitlisted until confirmed by me -- ie. woven & washed -- and payment is fulfilled by you. Payment is not due until your fabric is off the loom and washed .

The weaving is cut off in batches and then hemmed, washed, dryed and finished into whichever project you decided on. Rosy Deer fabrics are easy care and can go in the wash and dryer unless otherwise specified.