The Rosy Deer

Projects and Pricing

** updated price list and preorder guidelines **


Here is a comprehensive list of all your handwoven Rosy options when ordering.

 All prices are in Canadian dollars. They do not include tax or shipping


Fabric per metre : $140

8/2 unmercerized Cotton/Tencel/Bamboo wefts :


Cowls: $135

-- with wool: $165

-- thin weft: $155


Twisted fringe cowl: $160

-- with wool: $190

-- thin weft: $180


1 inch duster fringe cowl: $155

-- with wool: $175

-- thin weft: $165


Blanket scarf (including twisted fringe) & Cardigans: $265

-- with wool: $340

-- thin weft: $315


1 inch duster fringe scarf: $250

-- with wool: $325

-- thin weft: $300


Dress/Skirt: $265

Pants: $265


Shrug: $200

-- with wool: $250

-- thin weft: $225


Fingerless Mittens (lined): $65

-- with wool: $75


Envelope Pillow (18 inch) : $80

-- with wool: $100


Superwash merino, supima "sparkle" cotton, seacell cultivated silk and silk noil upgrade: $45/m

Tapered scarf: $25

Blanket scarf tail accent: $40

Hand dyed weft: $50

Fringe on fabric by the metre: $25/side

16/2 unmercerized cotton/tencel/bamboo: $25/m

Inlay work: $20

Scarlett Lily leather cuff add on: $35


Clutch with diagonal woven placement and waxed canvas: $85

-- with cork: $95

-- with leather: $115

-- leather strap (49 inches with hardware): $20


All other purses are determined by size and accent fabric -- check in with me on custom purse order availability. Ready to ship bags will be posted to the main page or website.


I put 40 meters of warp on the back beam.


For preorders, I take down your name and project order. No deposit is necessary. This booking process does not guarantee space on the warp. Yardage is subject to availability change without notice. No special consideration will be given if space becomes unavailable. Preorders are considered waitlisted until confirmed by me -- ie. woven & washed -- and payment is fulfilled by you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Thank you so much for choosing handmade.